what is air bee n’ bee?


air bee n’ bee

The project started as a citizen science study to test the efficacy of various “bee hotel” designs. It was run as part of the Buzz Club at the University of Sussex, the citizen scientists who took part in the original study were from all across the UK.

Now it has evolved into a science communication platform, mostly using the established Twitter community. We want to raise awareness of the insect decline we are seeing globally, our work predominantly focuses on the plight of solitary bees in the UK.
We are now producing a wide range of multimedia content, from infographics to collaborative projects such as “Live Solitary Bee Cams” with Kate MacRae. 



BSc Psychology, MSc Global Biodiversity Conservation

I have a passion for communicating science to the public in a simple and engaging manner. It is intuitive that people will only care about the plight of certain species if they have an emotional connection. This can instilled if information is exciting.

Communication, Engagement & Community are all crucial to the success of conservation strategies.